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Hi my name is Melanie Mirasty. I found meditation as a transformative practice in 2009. I was about to become a new mom, and I decided to take a class on meditation and mindfulness. My first practice, I knew I had found a home, one I could return to again and again, no matter the flux of life.

For ten years, meditation gently changed my life. I began to feel more compassion, kindness, and contentment. In 2018, I felt the call to take my teacher training with Mandy Trapp at Lifestyle Meditation. Shortly after, I started teaching at the amazing Tapestry Yoga in Prince Albert Saskatchewan, supported by my friend Celeste Boran-Fetch.

Three years later, I am honoured to continue to guide, share and gather with so many wonderful people. Together, we step outside of the busy, and find stillness, peace, and power in the present moment. I am so grateful for this special time.

If you feel there a potential for meditation in any aspect of your life, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you. Namaste and blessings always.

One to One Meditation Training

A one-to-one meditation session offers personalized guidance, tailored techniques, and direct support to address an individual's specific stressors. It provides a safe and focused environment for learning and practicing meditation, enhancing emotional regulation, reducing anxiety, and promoting relaxation, ultimately aiding in stress reduction.

Mindful Living

Mindful living is a practice of cultivating awareness and presence in every aspect of your life. It involves being fully engaged in the present moment, whether you're eating, working, walking, or simply breathing. This practice allows you to improve focus and concentration, enhance self-awareness, foster better relationships and increase overall well-being and happiness. I offer one to one sessions and would be happy to create a plan with you to enhance the practice of mindfulness in your life.

Community Meditation

As a meditation teacher, I offer community meditation sessions that are adaptable to diverse settings, including competitive sports and retreats. These sessions provide a versatile and professionally guided approach to meditation, accommodating a range of contexts while promoting mindfulness, emotional balance, and relaxation.


When I first met Mel, I wasn’t too sure about mediation. I was very new to the practice. The moment I stepped in the studio, Mel gave off a positive energy; she was ray of sunshine. I felt very welcome and accepted even though this was a new experience for me. Having attended many of Mel’s classes since, I can see how she has helped many others develop an appreciation and love for the practice. We are fortunate to have this wonderful meditation instructor in our community.

Alysha S


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Melanie Mirasty BEd, BA, Certified Meditation Teacher

Phone: 306-961-0792


I believe there is a meditation practice for everyone, from beginner, to those familiar.
Rooted in compassion, my aim is to help guide you to a place where meditation can be conduit for relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing.


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